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Consolidate And Save

The availability of Credit is sometimes too easy. Many outlets will arrange finance on the spot. Most car dealers will also arrange finance with a minimum of fuss.

And then there are credit cards. How convenient is it to always have a means to pay on the spot. And the repayments are not too high either, the lenders aren’t pushing to have the balance reduced in a hurry. The reason is, they don’t want you to pay their credit card off too quickly. They make way too much money from them. And you are paying for their profits.

A $10,000 balance may take 26 years to repay if you only make the minimum repayments. And in the process, you would be paying $18,000 in interest alone!

Please use our debt consolidation calculator to work out how much you can save in your monthly repayments.

But beware: It could be dangerous to pay your car loan or flat screen TV off over 25 or 30 years. They simply won’t last that long.

Let the Homeloan Guru help you to budget and use some or all of the savings in repayments to pay off your entire home loan faster and saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest.