Who We Are

DSC_0234 (2)Gerhard Moser started his career in Finance in Switzerland where he completed an Apprenticeship in Banking. His Australian qualifications include:

· Diploma in Corporate Management

· Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

· Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

He arrived in Australia in 1986 as a senior Foreign Exchange dealer. After three years in senior positions at NAB and Westpac, he went out on his own, assisting former bank clients suing their banks for bad and misleading advice. Several TV interviews (Four Corners, Business Sunday) exposed Gerhard as a strong advocate for Joe Citizen vs big business.

His hobbies comprise Golf (where his strength lies in his potential, not the realization thereof) and Sailing where he completed several Offshore races (one Gosford – Lord Howe, one Sydney – Hobart) and where he holds a commercial skippers license.

Kanyarat Moser completed a degree in Electronics in Bangkok. When she arrived in Australia, she changed direction and completedPoomPim small her training as a mortgage broker. She was the first and only student to pass her exam with her aggregator with a score of 100%.

She holds a certificate 4 in Mortgage Broking

Her strength is to explain in plain Thai how the processes around buying a home and borrowing money work in Australia.

Gerhard & Kanyarat are extremely proud parents of their two children, Singto, born 21 Feb. 2009 and Lydia, born 16 Nov. 2012.